Author: Keith Shaw

Midnight Radio

Midnight Radio – Thriller/Horror $1-3 mil  Status: Complete treatment and script. The sleepy one-man radio show in small town USA has an antique museum feel of a talk show host lost in time. Nostalgia at it’s best we will make the baby boomers remember how the golden oldies were. In the tradition of Twilight Zone, Tales from

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Sin – Thriller/Horror $1-3 mil  Status: Complete treatment and script “Sin” follows the shattered life of a small town minister who’s affected, changed and damaged by his one and only Sin.  He struggles against the negative impulses and temptation of his Sin, he doesn’t know what to do.  While some may rise above it, the tendency

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Containment – Thriller/Horror $1-3 mil  Status: Complete treatment and script Friends Phil, Duncan and Eddie find themselves on the wrong side of the law in Hong Kong. The three men must find another way out of the country after their lawless deal falls through. The only want to get themselves out of the country and return to

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