Midnight Radio

Midnight Radio – Thriller/Horror $1-3 mil 

Status: Complete treatment and script.

The sleepy one-man radio show in small town USA has an antique museum feel of a talk show host lost in time. Nostalgia at it’s best we will make the baby boomers remember how the golden oldies were. In the tradition of Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt and many M. Night Shalayman movies, Midnight Radio is an anthology of four short stories coming together using A late night Radio show as the back drop. “Vacancy”, a pair of inexperienced ghost hunters digs into the forty-year-old massacre of an entire family and learns the secret of the local legend called “The screams in the fog”. “Trapped”, four cash strapped, drunken hunters become the hunted when they go trophy hunting after Bigfoot. “Repression”, a desperate criminal and his girlfriend kidnap a prominent psychologist at gunpoint and order him to rid her of the painful nightmares of what may or may not be an alien abduction. “Doorways”, an arrogant young chemist experiment with Native American sacred Medicine and designer drugs, creating a new hallucinogen that sucks his soul into the afterlife; a hell based on his own childhood.