Containment – Thriller/Horror $1-3 mil 

Status: Complete treatment and script

Friends Phil, Duncan and Eddie find themselves on the wrong side of the law in Hong Kong. The three men must find another way out of the country after their lawless deal falls through. The only want to get themselves out of the country and return to the United States is the risky transport in a shipping container. Easier said than done. The men must trust and pay a local hoodlum to set up the trip and get the trio a seat in the last Shipping container leaving that day. The journey proves to be more difficult than the three men bargained for. They are confronted with death and some unknown entity during the voyage. Suspicion and suicide occurs as everyone attempts to survive the 3-week voyage. They begin to realize that there is something accompanying them on their journey. Something different than man. Are they experiencing a mass hallucination or is there a demonic being out to kill them all and take possession of their lives. All the answers are revealed in the Container.